[Video] How to Eat Healthy On the Cheap

Yes, it really is possible to eat healthy without breaking the bank! Here’s how this woman did it…

A common complaint I often hear from those who are trying to eat healthier is how EXPENSIVE healthy foods are. Have you had this thought?

Check out one of my favorite nutrition experts, “GreenSmoothieGirl” Robyn Openshaw, telling you how (this might shock you)… eating whole, unprocessed foods might be the cheapest way to eat!

Video: 5 Tips for Eating Healthy for Less

Of course, there are lots of expensive ways to eat healthy, but it doesn’t have to be that way… I think you’ll love how Robyn explains it. How she converted from the Standard American Diet to a whole-foods super-healthy diet, without breaking the bank!

After you check out her story, be sure to take her FREE 12 Steps to Whole Foods Video Masterclass. (I got started watching, and couldn’t stop!)

Robyn lost 70 pounds and ditched 21 diseases, 20 years ago. And now she teaches others how to do the same – on a budget!

Watch Robyn’s quick video above to find out how she did it, and don’t miss these excellent videos in her Video Masterclass – watch them all for FREE now for a limited time:

•    7 Foods That Heal Inflammation
•    How to Rehab Your Gut With Food
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•    Make 12 Simple Shifts In A Year (For the Healthiest Year of Your Life)
•    BONUS: How to Get Your Partner / Kids On Board (With Healthy Changes)

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