[Workout Wednesday] 15-Minute HIIT Holiday Workout Video

You’re probably busy, busy, busy this time of year, but you can still fit in a great workout with this quick, intense, and effective HIIT holiday workout session!

We’re all time-crunched during the holidays, and it can be easy to let your workouts slide for a few weeks. Unfortunately, all of the rich holiday treats will make it even harder to get back on track once January comes. That’s why we are bringing you quick, effective workouts all month long, so that you can fit at least a few minutes of exercise into your busy schedule – no matter how busy you are!

This week’s workout will challenge your entire body, strengthening and toning all of your muscle groups, while burning lots of fat fast with the high-intensity interval cardio format.

The workout consists of 3 segments, plus 1 minute of rest in between, for 15 minutes total. You will do 2 exercises in each segment, and all you will need is a mat and optional towel.

You will be preparing for 1 minute before each segment, working out for 20 seconds, and resting for 10 seconds.

Here we go!


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