The Pegan Diet: How to Eat Less Meat Without Going Vegan

Learn how to reduce your meat intake, eat better, and improve your health (without giving up all your favorite foods) with the Pegan Diet…

We (hopefully) all know by now that factory farming is bad for the environment. Coupled with conflicting information about the negative impacts of eating meat on your health, more and more people have opted for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle in recent years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it can be quite a healthy way to eat for many people. However, every person’s makeup is a bit different, and not all bodies do well on a vegan diet. Whether you have digestive or nutritional issues on an entirely plant-based diet, or you simply can’t stand to give up meat entirely, there are plenty of options for reducing your meat intake and still enjoying a healthy and balanced diet that supports your overall health as well as the health of the planet.

Obesity, diabetes, and other chronic metabolic diseases may be controlled or even solved through healthy eating. But what should you eat? There are so many (MANY) different diets out there, each one claiming to be the “best” – so which one is best for you? Unfortunately, you are the only one who can make this determination. As we are learning, our bodies all function a bit differently, and we each have our own unique digestive patterns, food sensitivities, and tolerance levels. It is up to you to experiment with your diet, learn to listen to your body, and find out what works well for you. This is a far more complex process than most diet “gurus” would have you believe…

According to Dr. Mark Hyman,

If you haven’t noticed, the diet wars are in full force. Nutrition has become as divisive as politics with different camps arguing that it’s their way or the highway. Conflict in the world of healthy eating is baffling. As a doctor on the frontlines of treating chronic disease and obesity, I understand that health is personal, and this includes what you eat. Your genetic makeup, social and cultural preferences, and environment make you unique, which means that certain foods affect you differently than they affect me. There is no one perfect diet for every single person out there. We don’t need any more diet dogma. We need an approach that can be personalized.

Further, Dr. Hyman says,

I’ve seen individuals get off cholesterol medication, insulin, and blood pressure medication within weeks after changing their diet. They didn’t do it with some fancy detox or innovative therapy. They did it with real, whole food. They took out the processed, packaged, chemical and sugar-laden foods that populate many grocery stores and focused on nutrient-dense whole foods made by nature.

How can you do this as well? In his new book, The Pegan Diet, Dr. Hyman discusses how to take control of your food choices and create a diet that works for YOU and YOUR body. By combining healthy, whole foods in a way that supports your body’s systems and provides the nutrients you need for lasting, vibrant health, you can obtain a healthy weight, lower your risk for chronic disease, and increase your longevity.

The so-called “Pegan Diet” is a bit different from all the many other diets out there. According to Dr. Hyman,

…I like to think of it as an un-diet. It’s a set of principles that blend science and common sense into simple guidelines that promote health, weight loss, and longevity. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthy eating, there are certain principles that we can all follow, and within those principles, there is room for exploration and personalization.

The Pegan Diet was named by combining Paleo and vegan principles to come up with a healthy way of eating that is flexible, customizable, and rooted in intelligent, thoughtful eating principles.

Dr. Hyman says,

The Pegan Diet (and any other good eating plan) aims to shift from obesogenic, disease-causing, nutrient-depleted foods to whole, protective, disease-fighting, weight-loss promoting foods. Anything else is just fluff. We don’t need extreme, lifelong restrictions. We need to become resilient using practical, sensible, easy-to-follow principles that make us strong and vibrant, so we don’t have to worry about food all of the time…


After years of practice and implementing the Pegan Diet in my own life and the lives of my patients, I finally decided to sit down and flesh out the simple principles of this philosophy into a guide for you.

This guide is contained in Dr. Hyman’s new book, The Pegan Diet, which

…contains 21 practical principles that focus on longevity, brain health, gut health, designing a plate, and much more. It’s a roadmap for everyone from nutrition novice to expert. It’s also a great guide for anyone who wants to take back their health but doesn’t know where to start.

Learn more about The Pegan Diet book and grab your copy here…


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