[Review] What Did We Think of Yoga Burn?

Can you get a yoga body in just 12 weeks with the Yoga Burn workout program? Read our review below…

There are currently more ways of getting fit and healthy than ever before. What’s more, because of modern science and technology advancing at such an astonishing rate, more and more health and fitness protocols are popping up every single day. One of the most popular and effective forms of exercise however, is one which is thousands of years old – and it also happens to be one of our favorite ways to exercise… I’m talking, of course, about yoga!

There are dozens of different types of yoga, and thousands of yoga workouts to choose from. However, if you’re interested in yoga and also happen to be looking to burn fat and improve your health and well-being in the process, you may wish to consider the Yoga Burn program. This program has gotten a lot of positive feedback over the years, so let’s learn more about it right now, shall we?

Here’s our in-depth Yoga Burn review.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is a specially designed 12-week yoga program which utilizes a technique known as “Dynamic Sequencing” in order to burn calories and melt body fat from the frame. It was created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a personal trainer and certified yoga instructor with many years of experience under her belt. The Yoga Burn system is divided into three videos, and works effectively for just about everyone because you don’t need to be a seasoned yoga practitioner in order to succeed. Each segment is known as a phase, and looks something like:

Phase 1 – Foundation flow

Phase 2 – Transitional flow

Phase 3 – Mastery flow

Bonus phase – Tranquility flow

How Does It Work?

Very simply, this program works by utilizing the 4 phases listed above. The first phase for example, helps people to understand exactly how yoga works. The next phase takes poses from the first phase and combines them with new poses to help burn calories and gently increase flexibility and boost the metabolism. The third phase expands on the above and helps you to increase the amount of calories you are able to burn off.

Each phase contains 3 workouts, providing you with 9 videos, plus those in the bonus material. The workouts last just 15 minutes each and each phase lasts 4 weeks, for a total of 12 weeks in all. All 3 workouts in a particular phase should be completed at least once each week, plus the bonus phase, so each week you will be doing yoga 4 days per week.

What We Liked About It

There is plenty to like about the Yoga Burn program, with a few key examples including the following:

  • Professional videos
  • Easy to follow
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Great for both mind and body
  • Helpful bonus features
  • Great for beginners

What We Didn’t Like

There isn’t a lot to dislike about this program. The only thing I can think of is that some of the phases could have included a few more poses.


As you can see, this yoga program is very comprehensive and easy to follow, which is one of the main reasons why we rate it so highly. There is plenty to like, and not much to dislike. For those interested in yoga, this is a program that is definitely worth checking out!

We give it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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