Review: Hello Fresh – Is It Worth The Money?

Hello Fresh is one of the most popular new meal delivery services out there right now, but is it really worth the price you’ll pay for a subscription?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the newly popular meal delivery services making the rounds these days on social media. These are not the services where prepared meals show up at your door, but weekly subscription boxes that includes recipes and all the ingredients needed to make your own meals. This makes it easy to have healthy and vibrant meals without even stepping foot in a grocery store, so needless to say, they are very popular among today’s ultra-busy modern households!

There are many benefits to choosing these services, from not having to find the ingredients yourself, to having recipes essentially chosen for you. It also helps you learn how to cook a lot of different things that you might not have chosen otherwise.

Hello Fresh is one of the newer and more popular meal delivery service boxes. One of the main draws to this subscription service (and why I would even consider it) is that noted chef Jamie Oliver helped release Hello Fresh and also comes up with many of the recipes that are included in your subscription. While most of the recipes are created by renowned chefs from around the world, they are simple enough for anyone to cook at home. Only basic utensils, cooking pots and pans, and kitchen tools are required to make these recipes. The box arrives on your doorstep with everything you need, including fresh produce, meat, dairy, seasonings, and grains.

All of the ingredients that come in the weekly subscription box are pre-measured, many of which are only used for one recipe. That means if a recipe calls for ¼ cup of brown rice, you probably have a bag with exactly ¼ of brown rice in your box, which couldn’t be simpler. Hello Fresh offers a lot of benefits as compared to other similar services, including free delivery and flexible delivery dates and times. You can choose from meat-based or vegetarian meals and select the size of your family when ordering the boxes. The main box options at Hello Fresh are the Classic Box, the Family Box, and the Veggie Box (vegetarian).

Just a few examples of meal options that have made an appearance in past Hello Fresh boxes include Smokey Chicken Tacos, Rosemary Beef Skewers, Personal Pizzas, and Israeli Couscous Bowls.

However, there is a downside to Hello Fresh that may turn a few people off: They are a little expensive. If you are used to making budget meals for your family, spending more than $10 per person, per meal, might seem a little high. Most of the meals also take quite a bit of work – usually these are more than a 30-minute meal. However, you are getting fresh, healthy, and home-cooked meals often with uniquely delicious recipes you might never have gotten the chance to try before.

However, with Hello Fresh, you do have the opportunity to mix it up, so you aren’t tied into a specific box type all the time. For example, you could you try a Family Box one week, then a Veggie Box the next. Keep in mind the Veggie Boxes are less expensive, so this is a great way to reduce your meat consumption while still preparing delicious meals for your family, and save a bit of money on your subscription.

Overall, if you’re interested in trying a meal box delivery service, and don’t mind spending a bit of money on good food, Hello Fresh might be a good one to start with. They offer truly fresh and healthy foods, along with unique and delicious chef-created recipes to help your family explore a wide array of different meals and food types in the comfort of your own home.

Image Source: Hello Fresh