[Podcast] Addressing the Root Cause of Heart Disease

This eye-opening podcast episode exposes the true cause of heart disease, and what we can do to reduce our risk…

When people talk about heart disease, you’re bound to hear the word “cholesterol” thrown around a lot. But did you know that cholesterol is NOT the most important marker to look at when it comes to heart disease?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about cholesterol and heart health, and this eye-opening podcast episode explains which markers you will want to pay attention to when it comes to understanding cardiovascular health, what testing and medication or supplement options to consider, lifestyle changes to improve your cardiovascular health, and more.

Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the world. And unfortunately, our traditional medical approach is often misguided and mainly addresses the symptoms, not the causes. The truth is that high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol don’t just happen out of the blue; they’re signs of imbalance of underlying dysfunction. The good news is, this is something that can be fixed with the right approach.

Check it out below to learn what you need to know about preventing and treating heart disease from a functional perspective, from cardiovascular health experts Dr. Todd LePine, Dr. Elizabeth Boham, Dr. George Papanicolaou, and functional medicine doctor Mark Hyman.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  1. Why cardiovascular disease is not just about heart health (4:44)
  2. The true role of cholesterol in cardiovascular disease (7:58)
  3. What causes inflammation? (12:53)
  4. Are statin drugs effective for the prevention of heart disease? (14:28)
  5. Habits to prevent heart disease (18:27)
  6. The dangers of insulin resistance (20:23)
  7. The importance of LDL cholesterol particle size (24:19)
  8. What is insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome? (31:47)
  9. Markers of inflammation (35:55)
  10. Four behaviors that reduce your risk of disease (49:54)
Source: DrHyman.com



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