Looking to Lose Weight? Eat More of These 10 Foods

Want to lose weight – and keep it off? Stop counting calories! Instead, just focus on eating more healthy foods, like these….

If you struggle with your weight, you’ve probably tried lots of different diets and exercise programs, and had trouble achieving the results you are looking for.

Here at Holistic Health Wire, we don’t really believe that “dieting” is necessarily the way to go.

Creating a healthy eating plan, and living a healthy lifestyle on an ongoing basis are, in our opinion, the keys to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Rather than “going on a diet,” and constantly counting calories, instead, simply try replacing more of the not-so-good foods you eat each day with healthier options, like the 10 great fat-burning foods listed in this article from EarlyToRise. Here are just a few examples:

1. Leafy green vegetables

That’s essential. Add kale, spinach, and chard to almost everything: salads, chilies, casseroles, pasta dishes…

2. Lentils and beans

Legumes help you build muscle and burn fat thanks to a huge amount of fiber. Make lentil salads, vegetarian chilies, Mexican 3-bean salads, and more….

3. Citrus 

Definitely eat the fleshy white membranes for added fiber. Citrus lowers insulin and regulates blood sugar and metabolism….

4. Berries

These improve satiety and prevent cravings, but mainly they are packed with fiber….

5. Chili peppers

As I explained before, chili peppers are scientifically proven to spike your metabolism.

For the full list, check out the full article here….