[Infographic] 8 Reasons to Detox for the New Year

Ready to get the New Year off to a healthy start? Here are 8 good reasons to detox as a part of your health resolutions this year…

The start of a new year is a great time to make some healthy resolutions and implement some new, healthy habits. Undertaking a detox program can be a great way to get the year started off on the right foot. Giving your body some support and helping to cleanse your system of accumulated toxins can provide you with increased energy and vitality and motivate you to stick to your new healthy habits! This is especially helpful after the excesses of the holidays, and can even help you shed some of the extra pounds you may have gained over the past few months.

Here are a few good reasons to detox for the New Year:

8 reasons to detox for the New Year

There are many different methods you can use to detoxify and cleanse your body – and the best ways don’t involve any weird diet pills or strange drinks. Instead, you’ll get the best results using gentle, natural methods such as eating clean, improving your gut health, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, drinking lots of water, fasting, and sweating – either in a sauna or with exercise.

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