How to Spot and Fix Common Home Health Hazards

Make your home safer & healthier for your family with these tips for removing common home health hazards.

Although it’s easy to forget about the importance of home safety, it’s critical to take precautions to keep our families safe from harm. Unfortunately, our homes can sometimes be the source of health hazards that can make us sick. From lead paint to asbestos insulation, there are a variety of potential dangers lurking in our homes. Here are a few ways to make your home safer and healthier:

Ditch the Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

One of the first things you can do to improve the air quality in your home is to get rid of wall-to-wall carpeting. Rugs can be a breeding ground for dust mites, mold, and other allergens. If you have carpeting in your home, vacuum it regularly and have it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

The best option is to replace carpeting with laminate floors or another type of flooring that can be easily cleaned. Switching to linoleum or tile will make it easier to keep your home free of dust and other allergens. This change is also a DIY for handy homeowners. You can save money by purchasing the flooring and installing it yourself or with the help of a friend.

Check for Lead Paint

Lead paint is a serious health hazard, especially for children. If your home was built before 1978, there’s a good chance it contains lead paint. If you suspect your home has lead paint, hire a certified lead inspector to test for it.

You need to hire a professional to remove lead paint. Removing lead paint isn’t a DIY job, so be sure to hire a qualified contractor. The process may take time and be expensive, but it’s important to do it right to protect your family’s health.

Test for Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous material used in insulation and other building materials before the United States banned it in 1978. If your home was built before that time, there’s a chance it contains asbestos. Asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer and other diseases if they are inhaled, so it’s important to have your home checked for asbestos if you suspect it may be present.

If you think asbestos might be present in your home, hire a certified professional to test for it. Asbestos removal requires special training, so ensure the contractor you hire is qualified for this job.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home. If it’s not working correctly, it can circulate pollutants throughout your home, making you sick. It’s essential to have your HVAC system regularly serviced by a professional to protect your health.

Over the years, heating and cooling units and ducts can develop mold, mildew, and other allergens that can make you sick. They also develop mechanical problems, such as malfunctioning sensors, that can cause your unit to work less efficiently and circulate pollutants. If your air conditioning is on the fritz, servicing your HVAC system will help to remove these allergens and improve the air quality in your home. Read reviews and get recommendations from friends and family. Once you’ve found a reputable contractor, schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Protect Your Family’s Health

There are a variety of potential health hazards lurking in our homes, but you can make your home safer for your family by taking some simple precautions as described above. Bookmark this website for more tips on improving your family’s health and well-being, and check out our sister site here for more on avoiding toxins and keeping your home safe and healthy.


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