The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan for Holistic Health

Holistic health starts by treating the body as an integrated system, rather than just looking at symptoms. This book is a great resource to help you do just that.

Like it or not, modern medicine simply isn’t cutting it. All you need to do to see the results of treating each body part as a separate entity is look at our epidemic of modern disease.

The truth is, the brain, the gut, your stress levels, sleep and movement habits are all connected. Conventional medicine fails to see the connection, but there are a few pioneers in systems medicine who are using practical, comprehensive plans for achieving optimal and truly holistic health.

For example, Dr. Perlmutter’s latest book – The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, is a break-through guide for achieving optimal health, preserving brain vitality, losing weight and reducing your risk for chronic diseases.

Dr. Perlmutter leverages the leading edge of published science on nutrition and wellness, combining the lessons of his first two books, Grain Brain and Brain Maker, to create a powerfully actionable plan for optimizing health and achieving peak mental performance.

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan Will Help You Learn:

  • How you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%
  • How to solve your sleep problems for good
  • How to nurture your microbiome to resolve dif cult gut issues
  • Why stress is killing your brain and how to stop it
  • Why gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness are critical for health
  • Why low-carb and gluten-free aren’t just a trend but the way of the future
  • And much more…

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan is available now! Pick up your own copy at or other book retailers, and learn how to achieve true holistic health and wellness in 2017.

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