How to Get That “Yoga Glow”

Yoga has many health benefits, and can even impart that mysterious “yoga glow” we all envy! Here’s how you can get yours…

If you’ve ever been in a yoga studio with some experienced yoga practitioners, you may have noticed what some call the “yoga glow.”

For some reason, people who do yoga a lot just seem to have something the rest of us don’t. They may seem calmer, more at peace, or just more able to handle the everyday stresses of life with poise and grace.

You may know that yoga has many great benefits for your physical health, increasing both strength and flexibility, and helping prevent (and sometimes even heal) injury. But it also can do a lot for your state of mind as well.

For example, decreasing stress is beneficial for both body and mind, and is one great benefit of yoga that everyone in today’s hectic modern world could use!

So how can you get that “yoga glow”? Here are a few tips from author and yogi, Kathryn Budig:

…“Many yoga classes are either heated or build your internal body heat to the level of some serious sweat,” says Budig. “This is an excellent way to detox your system, leaving you cleansed, rosy…and with a glow of confidence.”


Not to mention, it’s a stress reducer. Stress, as we all know, can be a sneaky culprit of breakouts and pre-mature wrinkles. “Stress is a huge factor in the quality of our skin,” says Budig. “A regular yoga practice gives us the tools to feel comfortable in our own skin, to step back and observe instead of reacting too quickly, and to be comfortable in every situation as it presents itself.”

And that confidence really makes a different when it comes to your appearance! “That internal confidence is what I think people radiate and what creates an ageless effect,” adds Budig.

What can you do to get a yoga glow?

Learning how to do a Sun Salutation is a great start, explains Budig.”It’s a collection of poses done sequentially to build heat, create strength, and aid in flexibility,” she explains. “It’s also a moving meditation or way to strengthen your intention. I would encourage someone to start with one and build up to 5 in a row.”

Another pose Budig suggests, a spinal twist on the back, promotes good posture and strength. For this pose, lie on your back and draw your knees into your chest, shift your hips slightly to the right and then let them fall to the left. Try to relax your opposite shoulder towards the ground to get extra relief, says Budig. “This feels great after long day of travel or sitting and will give you more freedom in your spine, which leads to better posture, which ultimately leads to more confidence a.k.a. beauty!” she adds.

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