Foodie Friday Recipe: Gluten-Free Pizza

You may not think of pizza as exactly a health food, but it can be! This gluten-free, veggie-packed pizza recipe will give you great “foodie” cred, while packing a punch of fresh, healthful ingredients.

Gluten-free pizza? Yes indeed! This simple, delicious recipe is so easy, you will find it easy to add to your weeknight recipe list, and your family will be asking for it so often, you’ll hardly be able to believe it’s actually healthy!

Two kinds of cheese, plus fresh basil, zucchini, artichoke hearts, and olives add plenty of Mediterranean flavor and healthy goodness to this pizza recipe.

The best ingredients, of course, are always fresh and ripe, so you may want to bookmark this one for zucchini-basil season. 🙂

Watch the video now to see how easy is, and then click the link below the video for the full recipe from

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