[Foodie Friday] 4 Healthy & Unique Leftover Turkey Sandwich Ideas

These delicious and healthy turkey sandwich ideas will give you plenty of unique ideas for using up all that leftover turkey!

One of the best things about having turkey for Thanksgiving dinner is…leftover turkey!

But sometimes having the same old turkey sandwiches for several days in a row can get pretty boring – not to mention high in those waistline-busting carbs.

Fortunately, there are lots of unique and tasty turkey sandwiches that will provide a satisfying meal without adding inches to your waistline.

Here are some healthy and delicious turkey sandwich recipe ideas for enjoying your leftover turkey:

1.) Turkey Veggie Wrap

Instead of just making a standard turkey sandwich, consider switching up the bread portion to make it a little healthier. Regular bread contains a lot of carbs, so you can turn it into a healthier sandwich just by making it a wrap instead. For the wrap, use a low-carb tortilla or one made from vegetables, such as a spinach wrap. You can then add your slices of turkey, veggies, and any other fillings you want. Wraps are also often easier to pack and eat at work or school, so that is another bonus of this option.

2.) Turkey Club With Hummus

This turkey club features a few important changes to make your sandwich a little lower in fat and calories. One good low-fat, high-fiber substitution is to spread hummus on the bread in place of mayonnaise, which is often filled with unhealthy vegetable oils. Hummus is not only is less fattening, but it also contains more nutrients. Along with that, choose multigrain or whole grain bread instead of white. And add on as many veggies as you want, including avocado if you want some healthy fats. Red peppers, red onion, tomatoes, and arugula are all delicious, healthy, and flavorful additions.

3.) Turkey Apple Sandwich

This sandwich combines both veggies and fruits for a new take on the standard turkey sandwich. A whole grain French roll is best for this sandwich, but you can also choose any type of healthy bread you like. Add some turkey, sliced apples (either red or green), and whatever type of cheese you like. Brie is a really good cheese when combining apples with turkey. Feel free to add any veggies you want as well.

4.) Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwich

Turkey and leftover cranberry sauce make a festive and delicious sandwich! Use sliced white turkey meat with cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and swiss cheese. Add some cucumber and other veggies if you happen to have them. Use a whole wheat or whole grain bread as well. Another alternative to add more flavor to the sandwich is to get cranberry mayonnaise or make it yourself if you are not able to find it, by mixing mayo with a bit of extra cranberry sauce.



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