Could This Be The Cure For All Disease?

Have you ever really thought about what it means to be truly healthy? If you have, you may have wondered why it seems so effortless for some people, and such an ongoing struggle for others. If you’re struggling with health problems, you’re not alone! Here is the underlying issue that you MUST address to be truly healthy.

If you’ve spent any time at all learning about health, it probably is no surprise to you that the most common cause of ill health in the United States today is the way we live. In fact, your lifestyle choices determine, to a great extent, whether you will live a long and healthy life, or whether you will find yourself at the mercy of the prescription drug machine, in a downward spiral of disease and illness that robs you of your joy for life – and eventually, of life itself.

So how do we choose health? Which of the thousands of factors that affect our health will make the most difference? Obviously we can’t address all of them, so what should you focus your efforts on when trying to become healthier?

In fact, there is really only ONE main area which determines whether or not we are healthy, and whether we stay that way. If you can keep this one facet of your bodily systems healthy, you will greatly decrease your odds of contracting any disease, and greatly increase your odds of living a long, healthy, and happy life.

As this article explains, that one factor is….
…To build a strong immune system.

As any doctor would agree, without the immune system, we would all die rather quickly….

The immune system is the body’s defense against all pathogenic invaders, as well as the internal cell mutations and abnormalities which we all have thousands of….

Not only does your immune system keep you from getting sick, but it is in charge of ridding your body of nastiness like dead cells, bacteria and viruses, toxins, and more, so that you can heal faster after an infection or illness.

Unlike other bodily systems, such as your digestive system or reproductive system, the immune system is not confined to any one area of the body. Rather, it exists throughout your entire body. Organs of detoxification, such as your liver and skin, are involved, as well as your digestive system (one of the largest components of your immune system), and immune cells circulate throughout your blood and lymphatic system.

Since the immune system is not limited to any certain organ or set of organs, you may be wondering how on earth you are supposed to keep the entire thing functioning at peak performance??

In actuality, it’s not that hard, and most of the things you’ve probably heard you “should” do to stay healthy are most likely immune-system related.

There are really just three things you need to do in order to build and maintain an optimally functioning immune system, and stay healthy and disease-free….

1. Put Good Stuff In

No system can function for long without the proper fuel. You wouldn’t put sand in your gas tank if you want to go far, so why would you feed your body a diet of nutrition-less junk food and expect to be healthy? To keep your immune system healthy and doing what it’s supposed to do, you need to provide good fuel that contains the nutrients your body needs to do its job….

Avoid processed foods as much as possible, stay away from processed trans fats (all hydrogenated vegetable oils), and cut out sugar. This last one is important. Sugar is a huge depressant to the immune system. Some research has shown that drinking ONE can of regular soda pop can depress immune functions by 80% for up to 6 hours. Sugar is a major source of energy for cancer cells, not to mention what it does to your blood sugar. Just say no to sugar!

2. Take Bad Stuff Out

Getting rid of “the bad stuff” means avoiding non-nutritious and potentially harmful foods as mentioned above, but it also means getting rid of waste efficiently, and helping your body perform its natural detoxification functions. While you may not to go to extreme lengths with all sorts of weird “cleanses” (although some detoxification programs can be very helpful), at the very least, you want to provide your body with adequate amounts of fiber, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep to allow your immune system to rebuild and eliminate waste efficiently.

You will also want to make sure you are getting regular exercise. Exercise is a major detoxifier, which gets the blood flowing, helps lymph fluids circulate, and eliminates toxins through your skin via the sweat glands. It’s one of the best things you can do to help your body rid itself of toxins – and it’s totally free and available to everyone!…

3. Provide Extra Support When Needed

For those times when your immune system may be facing an extra challenge – either due to an illness, or recent exposure to a toxin or a pathogen, it can help to provide it with some extra support….

However, two things that just about everyone should be using on a regular basis are vitamin D3, and probiotics….

A good probiotic supplement is pretty much a must for a healthy immune system these days (remember, the digestive tract is the largest part of the immune system)….


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