4 Amazing Health Benefits of Your Favorite Holiday Spice

Cinnamon isn’t just for pies anymore! Here are 4 amazing health benefits of this popular holiday spice…

Cinnamon is forever associated with the holidays for me, since a memorable incident as a teenager with hot spiced cider… And judging from the huge number of cinnamon-scented holiday candles, I’m guessing I’m not alone! From pies to beverages, cinnamon’s warming properties and flavor grace our table in many ways during the holiday season.

But did you know that cinnamon has more than just a spicy scent and rich flavor going for it? In fact, cinnamon is packed with health benefits, so you can feel good about enjoying it in your holiday meals this year!

Cinnamon Contains A Number of Healthy Nutrients

Many people are surprised when they learn of all the nutrients contained in this simple spice. Cinnamon has no fat, protein or sugar, and a very small number of calories. It is a good source of fiber, vitamin K, iron, manganese, and calcium. It also has some antioxidant abilities, which as you know helps to fight off certain illnesses and infections. Since the cold and flu are both common during the holiday season, cinnamon makes a great addition to tasty snacks and treats this time of year.

It Can Help With Type 2 Diabetes

There are a lot of medical conditions that cinnamon helps with, and among them is type 2 diabetes. It won’t help to prevent or even cure diabetes, but it can help manage the disease. Cinnamon has a positive impact on blood pressure, so by reducing blood pressure, it helps to avoid any complications that are common with this type of diabetes. Cinnamon is also good at reducing insulin resistance, to allow for better blood sugar control.

Cinnamon Is An Anti-Inflammatory

Another important benefit of cinnamon is the fact that it exhibits excellent anti-inflammatory capabilities. Inflammation can affect many aspects of your health, from arthritis of your joints, to brain function, heart disease, and even cancer. In fact, some medical researchers now feel that inflammation is the single most important factor in most modern diseases! However, cinnamon contains flavonoid compounds that help fight inflammation, particularly the dangerous kind of chronic inflammation that leads to cardiovascular issues and other serious diseases.

It May Reduce the Risk of  Heart Disease

At any age, it is important to protect your heart and related functions. Cinnamon can help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Whether you are a high risk for heart problems or not, adding a little cinnamon to your diet never hurts. Sprinkle cinnamon on your coffee, have some cinnamon cake for breakfast, or add it to your breakfast smoothie.

This holiday season, enjoy all the cinnamon you want – this holiday spice is great for your health, and may help you to make many more great holiday memories to come!



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