Blueberries Win In the War Against Cancer

New research shows blueberries may not only prevent but also fight existing cancers…

You may have heard blueberries referred to as a “superfood,” but recent research shows that they may be even better for you than previously supposed. A recent study by the University of Missouri-Columbia found that not only did blueberries enhance the effects of radiation therapy on cervical cancer patients, but they were actually more effective than radiation at destroying cancer cells:

Study participants were divided into four groups: The first group was only given radiation therapy; a second group received only blueberry extract; a control group received no treatment at all; and a fourth group received a combination of both radiation therapy and blueberry extract.

The radiation-only group exhibited an average decrease in cancer cells of 20 percent; the blueberry extract group had a 25 percent improvement; and the combination radiation/blueberry extract group had a whopping 70 percent decrease in cancer cell proliferation.

Not only do blueberries help to destroy cancer cells, but they also show a strong preventative effect as well. In an earlier study, researchers at Florida State University found that blueberries may prevent the formation of malignant tumors by interfering with the production of pro-inflammatory molecules. This means that these amazing little fruits actually fight cancer on multiple levels: by limiting DNA damage and oxidative stress, reducing the proliferation of cancer cells, and inducing apoptosis in existing cancer cells.

If this weren’t enough reason to eat plenty of this delicious summer fruit, here are a few more health benefits of eating blueberries, according to

They boost insulin sensitivity: In one study, just six weeks of drinking a daily blueberry smoothie improved insulin sensitivity by a factor of four in test participants.

They keep the brain young: By lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressures and lowering arterial stiffness, blueberries keep blood flowing optimally to peripheral blood vessels, safeguarding cognitive function.

They help prevent heart attacks: One study found that just three servings of blueberries or strawberries weekly can help women prevent heart attacks.

They protect the lungs: Compounds called anthocyanins protect the lungs as we age, and men who consume two or more servings of blueberries a week have been found to exhibit at least 37.9 percent less decline in lung function than those who do not do so.




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