9 Easy Stretches to Combat Sitting Disease

The modern sedentary lifestyle is so damaging to your health that a term has been coined for it: “sitting disease.” These 9 simple stretches can help keep your body limber and healthy during a long day at your desk.

Sitting disease has been linked to dozens of different modern health ailments, from diabetes, to obesity, heart disease, and more. If you work in an office where you are stuck at a desk all day, it is important to get out of your chair as often as possible, and to integrate physical activity into your daily routine as much as possible, as discussed in Dr. James Levine’s excellent book, Move A Little, Lose A Lot.

However, even getting a workout in every day isn’t always enough to keep your body flexible and strong. In fact, being in a sitting position for hours every day can actually cause some muscles to shorten, creating stiffness and pain. Regular stretching can help improve blood flow, aid detoxification, and boost energy levels.

These 9 stretches are easy to do at your desk, and can help keep you limber and prevent pain caused by stiff muscles:

Stretches for sitting disease

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Photo Credit: PaleoHacks