8 Hot New Health Food Trends To Watch

Health food trends have gotten more popular over the past several years, as people start to pay more attention to what they are putting into their bodies. Everything from juicing, to bone broth, to specialty diets such as Paleo and Vegan have made the rounds recently, but here are a few new health food trends you probably haven’t heard of yet!

According to Paddy Spence, a health food industry veteran and former V.P. of Kashi, “Today’s eaters are more informed about ingredients than they’ve ever been before, and they want convenient ways to make small dietary changes that improve their day-to-day health.”

What does this mean for you? First of all, it means more companies are becoming aware of consumer concerns regarding artificial ingredients such as color and flavor additives, and removing these from their products to satisfy the increasingly health-aware shopper.

This also means you may start seeing a wider array of unique foods on store shelves – from richer proteins like crickets, wild boar, and venison, to vegan dairy alternatives, to fermented foods and plant-based sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit.

Here are 8 new health food trends to keep an eye out for – give these a try if you’re looking for something new in healthy eating:

1.) Maple Water

Maple water is simply unrefined sap from the maple tree, with a little bit of sweetness and high mineral content.

2.) Insect Protein

According to Spence, “Simply put, insects are the future of food. They provide a rich source of protein using minimal water and feed.”

Try them in whole-food protein bars, such as Exo Bars.

3.) Dairy Alternatives Beyond Milk (For Example, Daiya Cheeses, Coconut Yogurt)


4.) Meat Snacks From Exotic Sources

Made popular by the Paleo Diet. For example, try Epic Bars, made with wild boar, venison, and salmon.

5.) Removing Unnecessary Ingredients

More foods and beverages are following the example of Zevia, which has removed the caramel color that has been linked to health issues

6.) Subscription Grocery Services

Millions of Americans now buy groceries online, and new sites – such as Thrive Market have emerged focusing on natural products.

7.) Fermented Foods and Beverages

Probiotics have been a big trend in supplements, and now foods are emerging as another source of natural probiotics. You can easily make your own at home, or try raw sauerkrauts and kimchis from Wildbrine.

8.) Convenient Packaging for Foods That Aren’t Usually Portable

In today’s on-the-go world, everyone needs shortcuts to prepare healthy meals. Companies like Pacific Foods are jumping on this trend with foods like ready-to-eat steel-cut oatmeal and polenta “bricks.”

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