6 Ways to Relax for Optimal Physical and Mental Wellness

Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Here are 6 physical & mental wellness tips that may help…

In light of the current state of the world, it’s no wonder that stress levels across the country are through the roof! Anxiety, depression, and other unpleasant feelings may be skyrocketing for you as well. Fortunately, we can focus on a simple truth, and that is that tough times will not last forever. Until then, it is up to us to take control of our own physical and mental wellness. But how do we do that?

Keep in mind that this looks different for everyone. Some people find that exercise is their best recourse, while others need to socialize. There is no one right or one wrong way to ease your troubled mind, especially during these strange and unusual times. If you are looking for ways to relax your mind, body, and soul, here are a few tips that may help.

Try Some Yoga

Many people enjoy health benefits similar to other forms of exercise through a yoga practice, but it can also be a great way to relax. When practicing yoga, concentrate on breathing and the sensations in your body, relaxing into a pose instead of forcing a stretch. You will feel tension leave you as you breathe out.

Clean Your House

It sometimes doesn’t make sense that clutter in the house can contribute to our mental state, but it’s true! So, one of the best ways to simultaneously take your mind off the world outside and take action on something you can control is to optimize your living space. Don’t get overwhelmed and try to do everything at once; just focus on one room at a time, and you’ll feel better!

Try Deep Working

Often when we’re struggling to avoid burnout, one of the best things we can do is focus on working smarter, not harder. Deep working is a good example. Basically, this involves eliminating all distractions, really marshaling your focus, and getting as much done as you can on a specific project in a short period of time – leaving you guilt-free when you take a break later.

Enter the Stream

A good show, like a warm sweater, makes you feel like everything is okay. So take this as an excuse to become one with the couch and enjoy your favorite show! If you’re looking for something new to try that won’t drag you down, Bustle has a great list of shows on various streaming services that you may want to check out. Diving into a new show is a great way to take your mind off the world at-large.

Step Outside

There’s a growing body of scientific research that suggests spending time outdoors in nature directly benefits your mental well-being. There are plenty of wonderful sights of natural beauty to be seen outdoors, regardless of the season, so join your fellow nature-lovers looking for stress relief outside! Try going for a nature walk, fishing in a local pond or creek, or taking up bird watching.

Think About CBD

If you’ve not already looked into it, Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t contain any THC, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ll feel “high” when taking it,” according to Healthline. Many people have started using CBD to treat anxiety, among other things. They’ve put together a good introductory list of reputable products to look into if you are interested in using CBD for stress relief.

Relaxation doesn’t look the same to everyone. What one person finds restful can be anxiety-inducing to another. But, whether you need to beat the blues by watching TV or or staying fit and active, the links above can help you find something that works for you! And even as we continue to live during challenging times, these are great links to bookmark that can help you maintain your physical and mental wellness during this unprecedented global crisis and beyond.

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