6 Simple Nutrition Tips for Better Health

These easy nutrition tips will provide you with some simple ways to eat healthier every day.

You may be trying to eat healthier, but it can be a confusing task. There are a lot of people that don’t know what proper nutrition is or what it looks like.  You may think that just because you don’t overeat, you are eating healthy. Or because you don’t often indulge in junk food, you have a healthy diet. The reality is, if you’re not looking at ingredient labels, and if you don’t know the source of the food you’re eating, it might not be all that good for you…

Here are 6 nutrition tips to help clear up the confusion:

1.) Eat Whole Fruits

Even though fruit juice is better for you than soda pop, it’s still packed with sugar, and lacks the fiber and other nutrients that come in a whole fruit. If you love fruit, eat it whole – just the way God made it! If you can’t find fresh fruit, frozen is the next best way to get your daily allotment of fruit. Be careful with dried and canned fruits, which often have extra sugar added.

2.) Choose Whole Grains

Some people have sensitivities to certain grains like wheat. In this case, you would be better off avoiding grains altogether. But if you choose to eat grains, choose whole grains like buckwheat, bulgur wheat, quinoa, and brown or wild rice. Oatmeal is also okay if it isn’t highly processed (steel cut is best). If you must have pasta and bread, choose whole-grain versions.

3.  Watch Your Sodium Intake

Too much dietary sodium has been linked to high blood pressure, although your body does need some salt for proper function. In today’s world of high-sodium processed foods, most people suffer from too much rather than too little. Get used to reading labels. Look at the sodium level listed, and choose reduced-sodium versions where possible. Even better, prepare whole, unprocessed foods, and add your own salt to taste! Even if you’re a salt lover, the amount you add yourself will likely pale in comparison to what you wold find in processed and pre-packaged foods.

4. Fill Your Plate With Fruits & Veggies

Whenever you eat a meal, make sure to fill most of your plate up with fruits and vegetables. This is an easy way to make sure you eat more healthy and nutritious foods. By including only small portions of meat and carbs on your plate, and filling the rest with healthy veggies, you will naturally eat more of them.

5. Eat More Nuts and Seeds 

Yes, nuts are good for you! They may contain a relatively high amount of fat, but it is generally a healthy type of fat – the kind that improves good cholesterol levels and balances your energy. Of course, enjoy them in moderation, but doing so can be great for your health, and they are easy to eat in salads, cereal, yogurt, or by themselves as a snack.

6. Use a Smaller Plate for Your Meals

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. One of the best ways to cut down how many calories you consume is simply to eat off of a smaller plate! Not only does this help you control portion size, but it also has the psychological effect of helping you feel full sooner, as you feel like you have consumed more food.

Bottom Line: Learn what is good for you, and what types of food you should limit. Eat more whole, real foods, and fewer processed and pre-packaged items. And enjoy everything in moderation! Want more information, or more simple ways to eat healthy? Visit www.newholisticliving.com for the real truth about healthy eating!



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