6 Healthy & Tasty Leftover Turkey Meal Ideas

Now that the Thanksgiving meal is finished, what should you do with all that leftover turkey? Try these 6 tasty and healthy meal ideas!

Turkey day is over, but you still have 12 lbs of turkey meat sitting in your fridge! You can only eat turkey soup and turkey sandwiches for so long, so here are a few more healthy and delicious ways to use up some of that leftover turkey.

1. Turkey Taco Salad

If you have leftover turkey, why not turn it into a taco salad? This taco salad is fun to mix it up a little during the holidays, without feeling like you are eating leftovers of the same exact meal. It can be made healthy by adding lots of vegetables, such as lettuce, tomato, onions, and red peppers. For a healthier take, go easy on the cheese and use avocado instead of sour cream. Since turkey already has less fat than beef, this is a great lighter meal idea after the excess of Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Turkey and Veggie Casserole

Another way to use your leftover turkey with veggies is to make a casserole. The more vegetables you add, the healthier it is going to be. This is also a way you can use up leftover veggies from Thanksgiving dinner, such as carrots, Brussels sprouts, or green beans. Throw the veggies and turkey into a casserole dish, add in some mashed cauliflower or cauliflower rice, and just a little bit of cheese on top. Voila! A delicious meal of leftovers that’s different enough to taste original.

3. Make a Sandwich or Wrap

The classically simple way to use up leftover turkey in a healthy way is by making a sandwich or wrap. If you go with a sandwich, try to use whole wheat or whole grain bread and include a lot of veggies. You can also create a Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, some stuffing, and cranberry sauce all in the sandwich. For a lower carb take, you can also do the same thing with a wrap. Try to use a whole wheat or spinach tortilla.

4. Turkey Soup or Chili

For a cold evening, take your leftover turkey and add it to your favorite soup or chili. This is yet another way to use leftovers up and make something hearty, but also healthy. You can use a recipe or just combine your favorite veggies, broth or water, and seasonings and make up your own!

5. Cold Pasta & Turkey Salad

If you are going to use the turkey for lunch the following day, you can prepare a simple cold pasta salad. Use rotini whole grain pasta and add in your sliced turkey, veggies and fruits like tomato and bell peppers, and top it with a little bit of parmesan cheese. A light vinaigrette is all you need for the dressing.

6. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is a super healthy grain (some even consider it a super-food), which is loaded with protein and healthy nutrients. Cut your leftover turkey into small cubes, then add it to cooked quinoa with some chopped veggies. You can dress with a light vinaigrette, or just drizzle with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

With these 6 delicious and healthy meal ideas on hand, you’ll soon be wishing all the turkey wasn’t gone already!



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