5 Superfoods for Optimal Brain Health

Release your inner genius by feeding your brain with these 5 amazing superfoods for brain health…

Did you know that your brain is capable of holding 8,000 iPhones’ worth of information? Despite the amazing supercomputer between our ears, most of us seem remarkably dumb when it comes to feeding our brains (and bodies) what they need for optimum health and function.

Regardless of whether we realize it or not, the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the way in which we physically move our bodies all impact our brain function as well as our overall health.

Feed your brain what it needs with these 5 delicious and nutritious superfoods for brain health, according to Well.org:

Genius food #1: Dark Chocolate. Decadently rich in cocoa flavanols (a type of polyphenol), dark chocolate has been shown to reverse signs of cognitive aging and improve blood flow to the brain. Not only that, it will instantly boost your mood and increase the neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Pro-tip:  Consume one 85% dark chocolate bar a week (preferably organic and fair trade certified.)

Genius food #2: Avocados. They are a phenomenal superfood go-to and have the highest total fat-protecting capacity of any fruit or veggie. Your brain is the fattiest organ in the body which makes a high dose of healthy monounsaturated fats like avos a beautiful pairing for the best brain waves.

Genius food #3: Almonds. This is the ultimate superfood snack (and why not add a few pieces of dark chocolate for the most radiant trail mix?) They are a famously rich source of polyphenols and the fat-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin E, which supports neuroplasticity.

Genius food #4: Blueberries.  Blueberries, or as neuroscientist Dr. Amen calls them, “brain berries”, are abundant in antioxidants.  These blue beauties are simply brimming with flavonoids – a class of polyphenols found throughout other “Genius foods” such as extra virgin olive oil…

Genius food #5: Dark Leafy Greens. These veggies are your brain’s best bud! Tender greens such as cabbage, kale, and arugula are ripe with folate, magnesium, and fiber which feeds the gut’s microbiome.

Learn more about superfoods for brain health in Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life, by Max Lugavere.



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