4 Ways to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Health resolutions are great – but they aren’t always easy to keep. Here are 4 simple tips to making healthy habits stick…

The New Year is a great time to create healthy habits! But with temptation around every corner and so many things standing in your way of a healthier lifestyle, it’s easy to get off track even when you don’t want to. It can feel as though old habits are constantly creeping back in and threatening to ruin your progress before you even get going, so how can you make healthy healthy habits that stick? Here are a few tips for success:

1. Write It Down

One of the best ways to make something a habit is to put in writing whatever it is you are trying to change or do differently. For instance, if you are looking to drink less soda, acknowledge that goal openly. You might even put a note on the fridge so that you don’t mindlessly reach in the fridge and pop open a can without thinking. Better yet, get it out of your house entirely…

2. Remove Temptation

Whenever possible, the best way to stay on track is to remove temptation altogether. You should also look to build a support network by sharing your goals with those closest to you. People who are supportive will help keep you on track in the early stages of your change to a healthier lifestyle. This will help support you and keep you on track until your efforts become habit.

3.) Make It Routine

The absolute best way to transform your habits is to make your healthier choices a part of your daily routine. For example, if you want to stop relying on takeout for dinner, maybe make a new routine where you prep your dinner menu the day ahead or even a week in advance. Likewise, if you want to stop raiding snacks from the vending machine for lunch, get in the routine of packing a lunch the night before, so it will be easy to grab before you leave in the morning.

By making a routine, you can not only find time to work in the essential tasks that need to be completed in order for your new habits to be successful, but you’ll also find new ways to improve your life–leading to an even healthier you! Plus, a routine can help you with time management and even stress reduction, which will contribute to your wellness in other ways.

4. Take Baby Steps

Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. Whenever you’re trying to change things for the better, it’s usually best to take a gradual approach. Don’t try to change your whole life overnight–it will only lead to overwhelm and burn out.

Instead, make a few new habits at a time and use these techniques to put them to work for you. Once you’ve created a few new healthy habits, you will find it even easier to create more! Over time, you will find yourself gradually transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.



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