5 Ways To Get More Exercise During the Winter Months

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from exercising! Here are some fun and easy ways to get more exercise all winter long.

We all wish spring was here, but in many areas of the country, winter is still hanging on… But don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting the exercise you need for good health. During the winter many people are less likely to exercise because the weather is cold, wet and possibly snowy.  But the truth is that this is the time that you need it the most!  In some areas, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a huge problem, and exercise is a great mood booster. It’s also one of the best boosters for your immune system to fight off those icky cold and flu germs. This is why, in the winter, exercise becomes even more important than during other times of the year.

Trying to get yourself motivated to go out and run in the wet, cold and rainy weather can be difficult.  Instead, you’ll be tempted to stay inside and forget your workout for today.  Don’t do this.  Today will turn into tomorrow and before you know it six weeks have gone by without a single exercise!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to work out and stay fit that you can do during the winter months.

The ideas below will help you get more exercise all winter long – and have fun doing it!

1.) First, Get In the Right Mindset

Winter and the holiday season is almost synonymous. But even after the busyness of the holidays has passed, we tend to lose motivation quickly and want to hibernate when it’s cold and dreary outside. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll exercise regularly regardless of the weather – and recommit to your goal regularly. Remind yourself of all the benefits you will gain by exercising, and how much better you’ll feel when you accomplish your goals.

2.) Try an Indoor Sport

Going outside to exercise is an amazing way to keep fit and get some fresh air, but it is not the only way to work out.  If the weather is nasty outside, you can also work out indoors at home.  Try a fitness DVD.  There are loads of different options available – from yoga to belly dancing, pole dancing, jump rope or stability ball training and more – whatever floats your boat!

Or find a fun indoor sport that you enjoy.  Look in your area for local indoor swimming, boxing, martial arts, indoor soccer, mixed martial arts, racquet ball or rock climbing classes.

3.) Take the Stairs

The cold weather makes it easier to move without the risk of sweating. So it’s a great time to stretch your legs and take the stairs every chance you get! This is a simple (and free!) way to get more exercise without taking up too much of your very busy day. Truly a win-win!

4.) Enjoy the Cold and Pick Up a Winter Sport

With the winter weather and snow there comes winter sports, which are not only a lot of fun but also great exercise.  You could try skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding or hockey.  All of these activities are so much fun you won’t even notice the great workout you’re getting!

Find a winter activity that is suitable for your skill set and fitness goals. The best part about these types of activities is that they can involve the entire family, so you can all enjoy getting fit together!

5.) Play, Play, Play in the Snow!

Some people cannot get enough of snow, while others hate the very idea of it. For those who enjoy the snow, why not take advantage of it and play with your children in the winter wonderland in your backyard? It costs absolutely nothing, it provides a great workout and it gives you and your children precious memories you can look back on for years to come. Plus who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? 🙂

Winter is not an excuse to stop exercising.  In fact, you should be making even more of an effort to get more exercise this time of year because of the wonderful benefits it provides in keeping you healthy and helping you enjoy the winter months.



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