4 Delicious Ideas for Healthier Halloween Treats

Skip the high-sugar, high-fat Halloween candy, and try these fun, creative, and healthier Halloween treats at this year’s party!

Halloween treats typically include a lot of sugar and unhealthy hydrogenated fats, but they don’t have to! You can create fun and delicious treats to give out to people at work or bring to your child’s classroom that are a lot healthier than typical Halloween candy. Here are some healthier Halloween treats to try making this year:

1.) Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Ghosts

One great healthy Halloween treat idea is to dip fresh fruit in chocolate. For example, you can choose fruits that can be made to look like a ghost, such as bananas. Simply slice a banana in half and dip each half of the banana in melted white chocolate. Use candy pieces to add a couple of black eyes near the top, and you have yourself some healthier Halloween treats! Strawberries are another fruit that can be dipped in white chocolate and made to look like a smaller ghost.

2.) Candy Corn Fruit Salad

An even healthier treat that you can provide to guests at work for a Halloween party is to cut and mix up a bowl of small fruit pieces that are the colors of candy corn. Choose yellow and orange pieces like mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, and pineapple. For the white part of the candy corn, you can either use coconut, apples, pears, or bananas, or add toppings like whipped cream or vanilla yogurt. This is also a good healthy option for a party for school kids with a Halloween theme.

3.) Pumpkin-Shaped Carrots

If you are planning on serving raw vegetables with dip at a Halloween party, why not turn them into fun little pumpkins? To make these, start with a whole, large carrot. First shave the outside of the carrot, then cut out a few tiny slices along one side to form a pumpkin shape. Now cut the carrot into ½ inch or inch slices and you will have yourself some bite-sized pumpkins to serve with ranch dip.

4.) Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

You can also make some fun broomstick snacks for a kids’ or adults’ party for Halloween. This simply requires pretzel sticks and Mozzarella cheese, preferably string cheese pieces. Cut the string cheese into smaller pieces, then make tiny slices part way through each piece to feather out one end and create the end of a broom. Stick a pretzel stick into the broom end and you will have fun witch broomsticks that are yummy, but low in fat and calories.

These are just a few fun and tricky ways to serve healthier Halloween-themed treats for your next Halloween party. Do you have any favorite healthy Halloween snacks?  Comment below, or share your favorites on our Facebook page!



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