4 Health Benefits of A Full-Body Detox

A good detox or cleanse program is a great way to start off the year and get your health back on track after the excess of the holidays. Here are 4 helpful benefits of a full-body detox.

When you do a full-body detox, it helps to cleanse your system and provides a wide range of benefits – not just physical, but mental and emotional too!  Here are just a few things you gain from detoxifying your body.

1.) Mental Health Benefits

If you are someone that struggles with mental disorders, such as stress, anxiety, or depression, going through a detox might provide you with more clarity of mind. While it probably won’t completely cure your mental disorders, getting rid of accumulated toxins can help to give you better focus and concentration, and may also help with chronic fatigue, since insomnia is often a side effect of anxiety and depression.

2.) Increased Energy

Are you looking to boost your energy? If so, you should consider doing a detox. While during the first day or so, you might be more tired because your system is working hard to cleanse impurities, once you have begun to purge accumulated toxins you will likely experience an increase in your energy levels. By avoiding processed foods which generally include a lot of trans fats, preservatives, and unhealthy sugars, you will avoid the fatigue or “afternoon slump” that is common when eating an unhealthy diet. You will also experience a natural burst of energy from consuming extra healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. You may also sleep better, which will also help you experience better focus and more energy during your waking hours.

3.) Waste Removal

The problem with eating packaged or processed foods, is that they typically contain a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives. When you go on a good detox diet, you are only consuming all natural and whole food ingredients, such as fruits and veggies, juice, smoothies, and lots of water. This helps to cleanse your body and remove accumulated waste and toxins which may have been making you sluggish or foggy-headed.

4.) Weight Loss

Detoxing is often done by people who want to lose weight. While you shouldn’t rely on a juice fast or extreme detox diet for long periods of time, it is okay in short periods, such as a few days at a time. During this time, you will generally consume extremely low amounts of fat, calories, and carbs, so it definitely can help you to lose weight. While this isn’t the only reason to undertake a full-body detox, it is a great way to clean the slate and get started on a new, healthier eating plan that can lead to a healthier, trimmer you!



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