4 Fun Exercise Ideas You Can Try At Home

Hate to exercise? Here are some fun exercise ideas that won’t feel like a workout!

You know you have to exercise for the sake of your health, but most people don’t put fun and exercise in the same sentence together.  But it’s key to realize that exercising doesn’t have to be something you dread. In fact, with the right mindset, it could even become something you look forward to!

Before you start looking for fun exercise ideas, the first thing you need to do is start to change the way you think about exercise.  Instead of thinking of it as a chore, think of it as a fun activity – something that will give you more energy, a better body, and a more positive mood if you just do it.  I’m sure you’ve heard that exercise releases endorphins – and it’s true! Exercise is one of the best all-natural mood boosters around.

However if you’ve been pretty inactive for quite a while, and then try to start a rigorous workout routine, you’re probably setting yourself up for failure and disappointment, so you want to make sure you ease into it, and start with activities you enjoy.

The trick to making working out fun is making exercise not feel like a “workout.” There are lots of fun and easy ways to get more exercise into your daily life without having to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the gym.

Here are 4 fun exercise ideas you can try at home right now:

1.) Start Simple: Try Walking

Walking is a powerful form of exercise that most people take for granted just because it’s so simple and you do it all the time without thinking of it as exercise.  This is a great form of exercise to incorporate into your daily life, especially if you don’t have time to go to the gym.  Plus it is super simple and easy and you can do it anywhere.

There is no equipment required – except maybe some good walking shoes that support your feet.  Remember to start small. A 15 minute brisk walk around the block can do wonders to your health. It’s all about doing what you can with the resources and time you have available.

If you don’t have anywhere to walk outside or prefer to do it inside, try going to a mall or indoor track or rec center.

2.) Dance, Dance, Dance!

Another activity that you might not think of as “working out” is dancing. If you’ve ever tried swing dancing, hula dancing, hip hop, or even a pole dancing class, you probably are aware that dancing is great exercise!  It’s lots of fun, and you can find many classes available at rec centers and dance studios. If you’re not comfortable dancing in front of others, there are also tons of dance DVDs available so you can learn at home! Moreover, there are lots of different types of dancing to try, so you can always switch it up if you get tired of one.

You might be surprised at how fit you can get while having fun at the same time. Dancing works your entire body, but especially the lower half, so you’ll soon have great legs and a great butt without ever having to do a single squat!

3.) Play With Your Children

Children are always full of energy, so even by taking regular 10 or 15 minute breaks to play active games with your children will help you get your daily exercise in.  From wrestling matches to snowball fights, they’re sure to have plenty of fun exercise ideas for play time, and it’s good for both your health and theirs! Plus this is a great way to combine physical activity and family time.  As a bonus, you will also be building great memories that your kids will remember throughout their lives!

4.) Play Video Games

This advice might seem counterproductive, as you may think of video games as something you play sitting on the couch. However, with the technology that is available today, it is possible to use your game console for exercise. With gaming options like Kinect and Wii, you can get some great exercise while actually playing a game! Play with your kids, other family members or other online players for an added challenge and to up the fun factor.

Bottom line: If you’re someone that has a hard time motivating yourself to get up and exercise, don’t think of it as exercise.  Find something that you really enjoy doing and make that a part of your daily routine, and you’ll soon find yourself having fun while getting fit!



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