4 Easy Ways to Detox Your Skin

Detox your skin for a healthy glow and better overall health with these 4 simple daily tips…

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ of detoxification? Most of us don’t pay a ton of attention to our skin, despite the fact that it covers our entire body. If we do pay attention to it, it is often to cover it with creams, lotions, perfume, makeup, and other products, which may actually be adding toxins. In fact, some studies show that women put an average of 515 different chemicals on our skin every day  – yikes!

Your skin also takes the brunt of environmental toxins, sun and wind damage, and other things that aren’t so good for it. It’s no surprise that your skin can use some help with detoxification every once in a while. Taking good care of your skin and making sure it can do its job of detoxifying the rest of your body will lead to healthier, more youthful skin, and potentially better overall health as well.

Here are 4 easy ways to detox your skin. Most of these are gentle enough to do daily, but at least once a week is a good idea.

1. Skin Brushing

…I love to dry brush, as it works to unclog your pores, removing the excess layer of dry skin that can age your skin. This is important because your skin cells don’t turn over as quickly as they did when you were younger, and this process helps improve that turnover rate to give your skin a more youthful appearance.

I also like it because the movement helps open the lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow. As you probably know, your lymphatic system plays a role in moving toxins out of your body. To use the dry brush, I move the entire dry brush toward my heart. I even do it up on my neck, as well as on the side of my ribs.

2. Deep Breathing

Deep breaths are good for so many things: Relaxation, stress relief, improved lung function, settling down before a big performance. Another thing that deep breathing helps you with is improved circulation, which can have an effect on your skin. When you breathe deeply, you’re telling your nervous system to rest and relax (putting your body in more of a parasympathetic state).

When you breathe in, your organs are literally given like a little massage. When you’re in more of an anxious state (the sympathetic state), you are more likely to hold on to toxins. That means you’re less likely to detox your body than when you’re in a state of rest and relaxation. Try to take time out to do deep breaths — from your diaphragm—three to five times a day… You can even visualize your body releasing those toxins as you breathe out.

3. Stretch

Your overall health relies a lot on your lymphatic system, as it’s responsible for really moving toxins out of your body. This web of lymph — consisting of lymph nodes and lymph fluid — is your primary engine of detox. And to work, it really needs to be flowing freely (you want a running faucet, not a trickling one). But a lot of times, lymphatic flow can be slowed or stalled.

To help improve that lymphatic movement, there are a number of things that can really help — like stretching, massage, or light movement like walking… Just start with purposefully stretching for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Not only will you enjoy the relaxation benefits that can be beneficial to your health and detox, but you will also be stimulating your powerful lymphatic system.

4. Sweat

One of the best ways to improve your skin is to let your skin do the work — by letting sweat remove toxins via your skin. Of course, there are many ways to work up a sweat. If you have access to a sauna, that is a great way. So is a steam shower (and you can create the same effect with letting a hot shower run and then standing in your bathroom). Or just go outside if you live in a hot climate.

And there’s the old, reliable way, too — rigorous exercise. When you exercise with some intensity to work up a sweat, you’re also stimulating your sweat glands to eliminate the toxins that you may have in your body. Remember, this is your body’s most natural way of removing the toxins, so that’s why it’s important to find a way to sweat every day.

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