3 Surprising Reasons to Eat More Eggs

Eggs are full of saturated fat and you should avoid them, right? WRONG! Here’s why you should actually be eating MORE eggs for better health!

You may have heard that eggs are back in favor these days, but if not, here’s your wake-up call! Eggs are not only not the health destroying “devils” you may have heard – they are actually GOOD for you! That’s right, this supposed “cholesterol bomb” has been unfairly vilified by the mainstream medical system and the media for the past 4 decades, and now eggs are making a long-overdue comeback. In fact, even the government has declared that dietary cholesterol is okay, and eggs are back on the menu for a healthy diet.

Eggs are sometimes called a “perfect food” – packed with protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients – and rather than avoiding them, you should probably be eating more of them!

Here are 3 good reasons to eat more eggs, starting today:

1. Raise your “good” HDL cholesterol:

Concerns about cholesterol were the reason many people swore off eggs in the first place. But, ironically, it turns out cholesterol may be one of the reasons you should eat more of them. Let us explain.

It’s true that whole eggs have more than 200 mg of cholesterol. But research has revealed that for most folks cholesterol in the diet doesn’t have negative effects on blood cholesterol. In fact, in several studies, eating eggs raised participants’ HDL or “good” cholesterol levels.

For example, in a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, eating two eggs a day, every single day, for six weeks raised people’s HDL levels by a full 10 percent. And, when an analysis of 17 different studies was done, not a single study pointed to eggs being bad for your heart. In fact, the researchers couldn’t find any direct links at all between eggs and heart disease.

2. Reduce your risk of breast cancer:

Both Harvard University and the University of North Carolina have uncovered links between eggs and a lower risk of breast cancer.

Researchers at Harvard concluded that women who ate six or more eggs per week were 44 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than women who only ate two eggs (or fewer) per week. And the findings of a study out of the University of North Carolina may have uncovered the reason why.

Most women in the United States don’t get nearly enough choline. But researchers from the University of North Carolina say eggs could be the answer to solving that shortage since a single egg contains an astonishing 125.5 milligrams—or about a quarter of our recommended daily amount—of the essential nutrient. In the study, published in the journal FASEB, the choline in eggs was linked to a 24 percent drop in breast cancer risk.

3. Protect your brain health:

Speaking of choline, it’s not just important to reduce your risk of breast cancer. Your brain craves this essential nutrient, too. Choline helps keep the signals in your brain firing properly and helps maintain cell membrane integrity.

The recommended daily amount of choline is 425 mg per day for women and 550 mg per day for men, and eggs can help you get there…

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