3 Natural Ways to Detox Your Mind & Body

Give both your mind and body a break from toxic influences with these 3 simple ways to detox your mind and body – naturally…

While detoxification practices can be good for your body, they can be just as beneficial for your mind. Why? Don’t forget that your mind and body are intimately connected! Stress, depression, and other mental disturbances can have a very negative impact on the health of your body as well. While going on a healthy detox diet can give your body the support it needs to flush out toxins and regain optimal health, you should also give your mind a break once in a while as well.

Below are several tips to help naturally detox both your body and mind so that you can experience holistic health on all levels.

1.) Digital Detox for Your Mind and Body

It’s no secret that we love our screen time. We spend an impressive amount of time with our computers, phones, tablets and TVs. It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a screen waiting to ask something of us, distract us, inform or entertain us, and most people can’t work without them.

It can be overwhelming, to say the least, which is why digital detox trends are on the rise.5 Taking a digital timeout is an excellent mental detox method. It may even feel like a form of meditation—a way to quiet the digital chatter, just like meditation helps quiet the mind. And if you can’t completely banish electronics for a few days because of work or other responsibilities, give your mind a break by setting boundaries. Schedule some hours every day after work or at least on the weekends to digitally detoxify yourself.

The benefits of a digital detox extend to your body too. Blue light exposure from devices may affect our sleep and the health of our eyes.6,7 Blue light rays are shorter and more energetic than warmer light colors, and blue light is more likely to damage the retina.8 In fact, blue light rays are the closest type of visible light on the color spectrum to UV rays. And exposure to this type of light from our devices before bedtime may affect melatonin production and lead to trouble sleeping.7 Read Important Facts about Blue Light and Eye Health for more information on how blue light affects our health.

2.) Detox Drinks for Health and Hydration

During any detox plan, it’s important to stay hydrated and provide your body with the right nutrients and natural antioxidants to get the most out of your detoxification efforts. Give your plan a boost with detox water, healthy juice drinks with naturally detoxifying ingredients, and detoxifying herbal teas.

Detox Water

Water helps flush toxins out of your system while keeping your body hydrated, and your cells depend it for healthy function.9 But detox water takes things up a level, adding a dash of flavor to your H2O while upping your intake of healthy, detoxifying nutrients.

What is detox water? It’s water that is infused and/or flavored with natural ingredients. Common ingredients include lemon wedges, cucumber slices, citrus juices, berries, mint, parsley and other herbs or spices. You can mix and match your favorite flavors and create new detoxifying infusions every day. For recipe ideas, read Infused Water Benefits.

Detox Juice Blends

Juice-based detox drinks are a great way to pack in concentrated nutrients with cleansing ingredients like ginger, cayenne, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar with mother (ACV) along with your favorite juiced or pureed fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Try a detox juice shot to kick off your morning, or sip cleansing drinks throughout the day. Here’s an easy-to-make recipe to get you started.

ACV Morning Detox Shot

For more detoxifying drink recipes, see 25 Detox Smoothies to Cleanse Your Body.

Detox Teas

Herbal teas are a detoxification staple. They’re full of healthy compounds, antioxidants and ingredients that provide detoxifying benefits, and some of them are particularly beneficial for detoxing. Dandelion root tea, turmeric tea and caffeine-free detox combination teas are excellent choices, and you can give your colon cleanse a boost with senna tea.


3.) Detox Your Body and Mind with Exercise

Sometimes getting back to the basics is the best way to go. Whether you’re working up a sweat or just out for a nice, long stroll, you can help your body eliminate toxins by getting regular exercise, and it can help clear your mind, too.

Exercise is great for boosting circulation, and since people who exercise regularly tend to have fewer toxins in their body, it may play a role in helping you detox.11 But exercise also helps with mental detoxing. It has a profound effect on mood, stress and anxiousness, and it may help you sleep better and give your memory a boost.12 You don’t even have to break a sweat to get the mental benefits of exercise, just get your body moving more! Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Break it up into smaller chunks if that’s better for your schedule. Also, meditation and exercise are a powerful combo for your mind and body, so you might consider meditating after you exercise each day.13

The endorphins your body releases during and after exercise are responsible for a lot of the mental benefits of exercise. They may help improve concentration, boost your resilience to stressors and leave you feeling more energized.12 So, don’t forget this very important part of your mind and body detox plan. Check out this post for more tips for fitting more movement in your day.

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