3 Easy Food Tricks for Natural Weight Loss

Want to lose weight without even trying? Simple habits like these can make all the difference…

If you’re trying to lose weight, you may have tried all kinds of crazy diets – cut out fat, eliminate carbs, avoid wheat, more protein, less sugar, etc. (leaving you wondering, what in the the world are you actually supposed to eat??).

But when it comes to achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight over the long-term, sometimes just changing a few simple habits can make a huge difference.

These three easy food tricks from Dr. Brian Wansink at Cornell University will help you eat fewer unhealthy foods and lose more weight, almost without even trying!

Trick #1—­Get it, then flaunt it!  In one study, Dr. Wansink found that the folks who have a fruit bowl in the house weigh, on average, 8 pounds less than their next-door neighbor who doesn’t. To be most effective, add at least two different types of fruit to the bowl and keep it in a high-traffic area.

Trick #2—Keep it on the down low.  Other than your fruit bowl filled with colorful options, it’s a good idea to remove other foods from your kitchen counter.

Dr. Wansink found that people who had chips or cookies visible weighed about 10 pounds more than people with bare counters. Even more surprising, folks who kept boxes of breakfast cereal on the counter weighed about 21 pounds more, and those people who had soft drinks on the counter weighed 25 pounds more!

Trick #3—Downsize.  While you may have heard this before, eating off smaller plates really does make a tremendous difference. Dr. Wansink recommends using 9- to 10-inch plates, and his research suggests that downsizing from 12-inch to 10-inch plates reduces portion sizes by 22%.

For more info on these studies and more, check out the full article at BioTrust.com