3 Toxic Ingredients In Your Toothpaste

It’s true that food plays a big role in how healthy you are, but what about your toothpaste? Here are 3 chemicals in commercial toothpastes that you would do well to avoid!

If you care about your health, you probably pay quite a bit of attention to what you eat. Indeed, the food we eat probably has more to do with our health than any other single habit in our lives.

But toxins can also enter our bodies in other ways – for example, through the personal care products we use.

You may have never thought about the ingredients in your toothpaste, and how they could potentially affect your health. Many commercial toothpaste brands include dozens of chemicals – some of which can enter your bloodstream through the mucus membranes in your mouth – and they may not be doing your health any favors.

This article reveals 3 chemicals that it would be wise to avoid when choosing a toothpaste – and a couple of healthy ingredients you should seek out instead:

1. Triclosan:

This gnarly stuff is well documented as an antibacterial ingredient, which can be helpful to keep mouth bacteria under control. But, triclosan has been designated by the EPA as a pesticide and a carcinogen to humans … so you probably don’t want to rinse your mouth out with this stuff twice a day.

2. Sodium lauryl sulfate:

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SFS) is what makes toothpaste get foamy and bubbly. In other words, it’s the one thing that makes you believe your toothpaste is doing its job. But other than making you look like you’re foaming at the mouth, sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate mucus membranes, leave skin rashes, and even cause labored breathing. Plus, it hangs around in the body for up to six days, building up slowly over time and accumulating in the heart, lungs, and liver. Guess what? When combined with other chemicals, SLS is also a carcinogen.

3. Propylene glycol:

Finally, propylene glycol, also known as the active ingredient in antifreeze (yes, seriously!). This chemical is rapidly absorbed through the skin, and can lead to kidney, liver, and brain abnormalities. Sounds fun, right?

The Good Guys

If you’re worried that switching to a more natural toothpaste won’t be effective against bacteria, cavities, and bad breath, we’re happy to say that you’re flat-out wrong! Here are some of the natural all-star ingredients that keep teeth healthy and strong—in other words, the stuff you really want in your toothpaste.


Often used as a sugar substitute, this sugar alcohol might be a little surprising to find as the main ingredient in many toothpastes! Interestingly enough, xylitol actually kills bacteria….

Baking soda:

Baking soda is also known for its whitening effect on teeth…. It doesn’t taste great and can be a little harsh on enamel if used every morning, but combined with other natural ingredients like sweet xylitol and cooling peppermint oil, it can be pretty refreshing and cleansing.


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