13 Healthy Snacks That Boost Your Metabolism

Keeping those extra holiday pounds at bay may be easier than you think with these 13 healthy, tasty, and metabolism-boosting foods!

It may be tempting to blame your unhealthy weight on a slow metabolism, but in truth, your lifestyle has a lot to do with how your metabolism functions. A fast metabolism usually results in easier weight loss and a more slim and trim body, but it’s not necessarily something you’re blessed with at birth. Over time, as we age, our metabolism does slow down naturally to some degree, but it is more affected by the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis.

There are a number of ways that you can increase your metabolism, but of course the two most important are diet and exercise, which go hand-in-hand in keeping you healthy and fit.

When it comes to eating, especially around the holidays, it can be easy to make choices that aren’t so healthy for you or your waistline. These 13 foods will help take the edge off and keep you from indulging on unhealthy snacks this month and throughout the year, while giving your metabolism a boost.

  1. Avocados: Avocados are high in fat but it is monounsaturated fat which is great for your body. The fat in avocados helps to raise your metabolism while dealing you a healthy serving of protein, fiber, and fat all in one tasty and handheld green skin. Make guacamole with low fat ingredients or merely add avocado to your sandwiches in order to get an instant boost to your diet.
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  4. Jalapeno Poppers: If you don’t mind adding a little bit of heat to your diet then consider Jalapeno poppers. Jalapenos are full of a chemical known as capsaicin that does wonders to your metabolism. The chemical will increase your heat rate, boost your metabolism, and make enduring the heat of the pper well worth it by the time you are done. Avoid heavily fried poppers, however, as they are heart attack traps waiting to happen. Opt for oven cooked snacks for the best middle ground between effect and tastiness.
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  6. Lean Meat:  Beef has gotten a bad rep in the weight loss world thanks to foods like hamburgers, lasagna, and gigantic and juicy steaks. However, lean meats like beef, chicken, and turkey can all be looked at as supporters of metabolism growth. The big reason why these foods are so helpful in metabolism boosting is the fact that they take so long to digest and thus expend a large amount of energy. The protein that you will imbibe also means that you will be burning fat, not muscle, so that you will maintain a measure of your form and figure….
  7. Greek Yogurt: Get an extra blend of protein into your diet by adding Greek yogurt to your snack plans. Greek yogurt has almost 18 grams of protein per 6 ounces and it is usually devoid of the filler and additives that are prevalent in other yogurt products. This is a quick filling way that works well with other snacks on this list. Adding in oats or berries can turn this snack to the maximum level of fulfilling. Avoid chocolate chips, in general but if you must then add only a few of the dark chocolate variety, which are full of antioxidants.
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  9. Raspberries: Just about any kind of berry will be at home in your metabolism boosting diet but we highlighted raspberries for a reason. Raspberries contain 8g of fiber by the cup and sit at only 60 calories per serving. This sweet little snack is perfect to round out on the go lunches or to add in the repertoire of picky eaters. Raspberries are sweet and easy to eat and most of all affordable at the supermarket. Stock up on raspberries or any other berry that is high in fiber (strawberries, blueberries) when they’re on sale in order to reap the benefits down the line. To make this a minor treat add a little bit of whipped cream and oats to your bowl. The oats will boost your fiber content while the whipped cream will add some sweetness and fat, which helps your body absorb the antioxidants contained in the berries.
  10. Oranges: Oranges are a popular snack that have been the cornerstone to on the go lunches forever. This citrust fruit is stocked full of vitamin C that helps you to metabolize fat quicker than ever. Your daily dose of vitamin C should sit at 60 MG per day but if you consume upwards of 500 MG then you can see your fat burning abilities boost by almost 50%. Eat an orange with your pre-workout meal and reap the benefits when you start to sweat over the machines for the next hour. Studies show that eating oranges for 12 weeks will result in rapid weight loss.
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  12. Green Tea: When speaking comparatively, green tea is going to beat the heck out of most common beverage options available in the grocery store. From pop to sugar filled juices, there are very few ready to drink consumables that will help your metabolism. Green tea is a great replacement to coffee because it doesn’t rely on caffeine in order to boost your metabolism. A chemical called EGCG boosts the activity inside of your brain, kickstarts your nervous system, and starts the burning of calories that will last throughout the day. Green tea is a bland drink but can be spiced up with a bit of honey for a tasty lunch beverage.
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