10 Soothing & Healing Benefits of Marshmallow

Learn about the many health benefits of marshmallow – an amazing healing plant with a long history of medicinal use…

While most people today associate marshmallows with a cottony, sugary confection that is often used to decorate mugs of hot chocolate, in fact, it’s namesake, the marshmallow plant is a great source of healing! This soothing plant is most often used to calm irritated and inflamed tissues and stimulate healing.

Much of marshmallow’s healing and soothing effect comes from the polysaccharides that it contains, which help to coat and protect sensitive tissues. Marshmallow is often applied to the skin to relieve discomfort, swelling, and inflammation from burns, bites, stings, and other skin rashes or injuries. It also stimulates the immune system and helps to fight infection at the site of the irritation.

Marshmallow may also be used internally to treat and assist with the healing of bowel diseases, acid reflux, and ulcers.

Marshmallow may be used as a tincture, infusion, lozenge, ointment, or salve. Both the leaves and flowers of the marshmallow plant are generally safely edible for both humans and animals. However, if you have an allergy to the okra plant, beware, as marshmallow is a close relative.

Here are 10 wonderful health benefits of marshmallow (for recipes and usage instructions, visit the link below):

  • Soothing Demulcent: Relieve irritated, inflamed tissues throughout the body.1)
  • Urinary Health: Flush out UTI bacteria while lubricating and easing the passage of stones.2)
  • Quiet Coughs: Relax spasming airways and soothe a sore throat.3)4)5)6)
  • Eliminate Toxins: Marshmallow binds to toxins, improving the body’s ability to cleanse itself.7)
  • Speed Healing: Marshmallow helps irritated and injured tissues relax to speed the healing process, and has even been used to prevent gangrene.8)9)10)
  • Skin Care: Marshmallow is excellent for relieving and healing skin irritations and burns.11)
  • Digestive Care: Coat and protect the digestive system with marshmallow’s mucilage. Relieve pain from heartburn, ulcers, and inflammatory bowel diseases.12)13)
  • Immune Function: Marshmallow stimulates the immune system to attack invaders, and has antibacterial properties of its own.14)15)
  • Healthy Joints: Reduce swelling and joint pain.16)17)
  • Plays Well With Others: Marshmallow cooperates well with other herbs to support overall health, especially other anti-inflammatories and antibacterials. It can act as a buffer for herbs that may be too stimulating on their own.1
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